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My Story

My Story

As previously mentioned I am a Mother to two crazy toddlers (2 & 3) and am pregnant with my third (due Spring 2023). 

Since becoming pregnant with my son, Arlo, in 2018 I started to notice just how difficult it can be in the working world for pregnant women and for Mothers. I was having a difficult time from my then employer as I needed to be signed off work from 16 weeks due to pregnancy complications and the bonus I got whilst on maternity leave was the lowest I'd ever received in the 5 years I had worked there, even though I was working at a much higher position.

After I had Arlo my entire perspective on the World changed. I still loved working, I loved my role (despite everything!) and I was still as career driven as ever BUT I loved Arlo more and I wasn’t prepared to sacrifice my time with him to go back to an inflexible full time job where the difference between my salary and full-time childcare was minimal - but what were my other options? 

Luckily for me, two of my closest friends ran their own business and gave me the most wonderful gift of being able to work for them, from home, around Arlo and we agreed that my starting salary would be the difference I would have been paid if I went back to my old position and put Arlo in full-time childcare - it was a win win situation and I couldn’t believe my luck.

As the business expanded my hours and salary increased and I had my second bundle of joy - Maisie. Arlo was in childcare 2.5 days a week by this point and due to the flexibility I had at work I went back after 3 months and had the privilege of being able to work around my newborn once again.

Fast-forward 3 years and unfortunately, due to my position in the business no longer being required I am facing the cold, hard reality of redundancy whilst pregnant and with a further 2 children to consider. It’s an overwhelming and worrying situation to have been in which I am sure many of you can relate to it.


As a mother and a pregnant one at that (THE HORMONES!) everything in my body is hard-wired to protect my family and the anxiety that myself and my husband, Chris, went through the weeks after this happened was tough.


Fortunately I had already decided that I wanted to finally undertake the 'Animas Centre for Coaching' training to become a Transformational Coach and had already booked my place onto the course. Of course, I wanted to do this training alongside my job so that I had the security of a salary and SMP but unfortunately life had other plans!

After three long weeks of job searching, panic, insecurity and confusion about what I should do I finally became crystal clear after a fantastic coaching session with my course trainer - it was time to launch Wonder Mama Coaching.

I strongly believe that it is my purpose to support as many Mothers as possible to navigate their careers or businesses alongside Motherhood. By the time a woman’s first child is 12 years old, her pay is 33% less per hour than a mans - this is just one of the horrifying statistics that prove to me just how much support Mothers need in this space. 

Thank you for reading.

Lizzie x

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