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How to grow your business within School Hours

After a hectic couple of weeks getting Arlo settled into School (he still doesn’t ‘officially’ start until Thursday) and having the stark realisation that having Arlo in School 5 days a week term-time only is actually less childcare than having him in pre-school 4 days a week year round, got me thinking about how this works (or doesn’t work) for business owners.

I could talk about this all day long but instead I thought I’d write you 5 quick tips to help you to run your business more efficiently once your kids start School.

  1. Get organised. Between drop-off and pick-up time is precious. At the end of every single day write a list of what you need to achieve the next day for your business as well as any life admin so you can get straight to it as soon as you’re at your laptop.

  2. Set Goals. At the beginning of every week write down exactly what you want to achieve that week to move your business forward. You are much more likely to hit your goal if you have one.

  3. Time Block. It’s not fun, it’s not sexy but it works. Look at your list from the night before and work out how much time you can spend on each task then get it in your calendar. If you do roughly the same tasks each week then save even more time and make those appointments recurring.

  4. Make time for fun. Take advantage of owning your own business and make sure you enjoy your weeks! Work from cool places, connect with other female founders, take a walk in the sunshine and enjoy an Iced Latte!

  5. Set boundaries. Whatever works for you. Ex. No work calls on weekdays after pick-up, no responding to work emails over the weekend etc. It’s hard to set solid boundaries when you own your own business but having a clear divide between your family and work life is essential for your sanity.

Email me if you need more support helping your business to grow and thrive during School hours.


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